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Our company is a foil stamping dies maker located in the Southern part of Moscow, Russia.
We established the production in 2008 and named it iForms referring to all types of printing dies and forms.

iForms professionaly makes magnesium dies, brass dies and copper dies for foil blocking and embossing, pad printing forms, letterpress cliches.
Technologies we use for making these cliches: etching, milling and engraving.
We supply our customers with honeycomb plates, magnetic cylinders, toggle hooks, thermoresistant double-sided adhesive tapes, small die-cutting forms, hot stamping foil, small presses and make-ready materials.

Our Advantages:

  • Saving time while making all forms at one place
  • Delivery in Moscow and other cities of Russia
  • High speed of dies making
  • Industry standard quality of our products
  • Our specialists have more than 15 years experience in dies making

We are open from 10:00 till 18:00, from Monday to Friday.

A little more information about us: we offer metals waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, electroerosive cutting.
We can make welding, including welding in gas environment.
Old production of vacuum protected ceramics and ceramic-to-metal welding is still working.

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We are glad to serve you best with some metalworking based on our skills.